Friday, August 6, 2010

The Humble Abode

Just about to head out to the airport, but first I'll have to say goodbye to Bodie, the sweet puppy. My friend, Johnny came back form a 2 week trip with a couple of friends biking to the southern coastal city of Busan - roughly 450 KM south of Seoul - but that being as the crow flies, not as the bike rides through one of the most mountainous regions in the world. It took the 3 of them 7 days to get down, and then Johnny 6 more to get back up. I hope to do the trip someday on my Brompton, though, with the smaller wheels, it will surely take longer. It's all about the journey, and I can certainly take the train back.

Anyway, Bodie (or "My Bodie Buddy", or "The Humble Abode") has been hanging-out with me for the last two weeks.

I'd imagine it's a struggle to own a dog in Seoul. Most dogs here are small for obvious reasons, though I'm not sure that apartment life is really good for any dog. Of course, you could make the same arguments about most pets, I suppose. We just don't have the time or the space for them, and sometimes they let us know my "communicating" their displeasure through chewing and pooping helter-skelter-like.

Bodie didn't eat anything truly valuable, but he did escalate while I was at work. Things that were thought to be safe from the day before, just became warnings of what would happen if I ever left him alone again (Bodie's a very affectionate dog).

So, I took to turning over my coffe table and leaning it up against my desk to prevent any chewing in the desk region. I turned my bookshelf around toward the wall, and I put pretty much everything away - except for the Christmas lights around my window, which Bodie eventually got to/

It's all good. So, I lived with Bodie smell for a couple of weeks. It's worth the trade-off. Bodie loves to snuggle cocooned in a blanket beside me at night, and he's a pretty decent sleeper. The apartment does feel warmer with the little guy here, and it'll feel empty with him gone. Thankfully, I'll be on my way to Calgary soon with another sweet puppy waiting for me there.

Dogs are okay.

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