Monday, September 27, 2010

A Brooks for my Brompton

Well, I took my bike down to Daechi today to see my pals at the old bike shop where my sweet ride was purchased back in June. I took the damaged seat off its post, and after a team of 5 men finally were able to pull my support bar back into place, the resulting wonkiness of the bent bar caused the seat to angle up and to the right - surely to make for a less-than-comfortable ride in the long term.

Luckily, my warranty on the seat was still valid, so it was applied toward the purchase of one of these beauties from Brooks Saddles (also a UK company). The B17 is in the classic series of saddles from the company and since I'm now in the business of buying things that will last, I am very pleased with this purchase and grateful for the discount I received today from my good-natured bike shop repair pals.

I've got to break this thing in, though I am already loving the difference. It's fun when you buy something of quality out of necessity only to discover that the item you've just purchased is part of a time-honored bike saddle company from Merry Old England. Apparently the design hasn't changed at all on this model since 1890 or so. I guess people like it enough.

Anyway, glad to have a new seat that makes my bike feel like a new ride. I'm digging it like an old soul record.

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