Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Holy crap! There was a fair amount of rain today.

I had kind of an ill-fated trip across town to a few places in an attempt to share some Big Rock goodness over Chuseok. I had to head first to Itaewon, as the clerk at a photo shop there had forgotten to give my card back the previous evening, and I hadn't noticed it missing until I got back to my house.

When I came up out of the subway, it was ridiculous rain - rivers coming down the streets. I waited under an awning for a bus to Gangnam, and when it came, though i ran through the rain, it took-off before allowing me to get on. I was less-then-pleased.

So, back to the subway. When I got to Gangnam, it was a bit a shit-show: cars half-submerged but still trying to move-on, assuming they could make it through the worst of it, and many of them did. The whole main street near Gangnam station was covered in water right up to store-fronts and probably inside as well.

Click here to see photos from a Korean blog to see just how severe some of the flooding really was in certain spots. I'm sure there will be lots of coverage in tomorrow's paper about it, but it appears that the storm drain were simply overwhelmed in such a short time. Cheonggye-cheon stream, the down-town water walkway that runs Eastward form Gwanghwamun, looked like a raging river. I only hope it didn't happen too quickly as I'm sure people would have gotten washed-out had they been down there. I hope there was ample warning.

Anyway, I hope that everyone's safe and that not too many family gatherings have been washed-out. Not everyone in Seoul lives in a high-rise apartment, so it might have been a very damaging day for some.

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