Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jackasses that give foreigners a bad name

Exhibit A:

Last night in Hongdae, after joining friends for dinner, I stopped by the 3 Kings pink truck - a nice little road-side Tex-Mex food truck set-up near some popular clubs near Hongik University - one of the more popular night spots for university types.

The truck is operated by three friends, one of whom (Johnny) is Korean American, and last night was proudly wearing a Vernon Maxwell jersey from his hometown team, the Houston Rockets. While they were setting-up the truck, a group of 6 or 7 American G.I.s walked by wearing their finest "civies" as my dad would call them.

The alpha-dog in their group remarked loudly and mockingly at Johnny for the shirt - wondering how a local could possibly know who Mad Max was. Assuming Johnny was about as likely to be an NBA fan as this guy is to be a fan of Jarome iginla.

Anyway, after Johnny revealed that he was indeed from Houston, the traveling show realized that this information, along with the fact that Johnny could probably take all of their Blackwater-trained asses down with a few well-placed Muay-Thai elbows and knees, decided to be all-friendly and asked if there was a club nearby where they would be admitted. Apparently, it's tough for American Soldiers to be truly incognito here - breaking curfew invites discipline from the higher-ups - so it's understandable why club managers wouldn't want any trouble on their premises for this reason, or were they not admitted for another reason?

Johnny suggested a few places, and then Alpha-dog, unsatisfied, inquired further as to where might be the best place where he could, and here I can't quote directly as I lack the proper Texan vernacular: get his dick sucked by a local.

At this point, I'm wondering what's running through Johnny's head. Robbie looks at me with a grin knowing that Johnny's going to make the right choice - just continue suggesting fun places where the group of class-acts might have a good time. What he probably should have done is just recommend to wander back to Itaewon and pay for it, but these guys clearly thought they were charming enough and entitled to wow the locals with their suave selves.

I wonder what runs through the mind of a Korean American, who loves both of his countries, and finds himself interacting with potential customers for a start-up business, is offended by what they say, and has to put on a brave face. I'm sure that a part of him wanted to tell these people to go back and get a job that would pay for their college tuition, instead of enlisting, getting stationed at Yongson military base in the hopes they would have that magical oriental experience that would add fuel to the firey addage: "once you go Asian, you never go caucasian".

Anyway, there in flesh, blood and big, shiny shoes were a group of clowns who give other foreigners (and other G.I.s to be fair) a bad name.

Anyway, "Support your Troops", "tie a yellow ribbon 'round the ole oak tree", and all that.

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