Thursday, October 7, 2010

Girls and Soccer: Addendum

I really wish that I had my camera today after school.

It appears as though the female students of my school have been spurred-on by the Korean U-17 Women's FIFA Championship and want to start playing, themselves.

Today, one of the Phys-Ed teachers led a girls-only after-school soccer club and the atmosphere was honestly electric. It would be a conservative estimate to say that half of the student populace lined the schoolyard and cheered-on the girls. Students who had after-school classes hung-out of their classroom windows and cheered on goals.

They were mostly beginners, but there were a few who seemed quite confident, skilled, strong, and ready to prove themselves in front of their classmates. It was something to watch - honestly, for the boys on the sideline, it was like they were discovering something.

I wish I had brought my camera to show you fine folk what I saw. Anyway, here's a cheers to this change in thought and behaviour and I hope they all keep it up.

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