Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A cappella

Went with the rabbit tonight to an a cappella concert near Sindorim - a very cool little theatre that was fitted-up like a mini Jubilee Auditorium and had excellent acoustics. Generally speaking, outside of getting a kick out the Heebee Jeebies from time to time, I'm not really an a cappella kind of guy, at least in terms of something I seek-out on my own.

But enough qualifiers - going to cultural events such as the one I went to tonight are one of the bonuses of being with a music teacher.

I have to say, I was a bit worried about going to such a concert being so as sleepy as I was today, but once it started - I was in. Yes - I know the barber-shop and its like has become a bit of a punch-line, but even as I watch Andy from The Office sing all four parts of "Rockin' Robin" on his cell-phone answering machine, there is something undeniably endearing about his earnestness.

Tonight was no different. 3 groups: a Japanese female quartet to handle the classic stuff, a Hungarian male group that sounded like the world's most powerful organ on mic, and an amateur Korean group with a girl who could out beat-box any guy I've ever seen or heard.

All in all, a good night out to see something I wouldn't otherwise have known about. So - thanks, rabbit. As cheese-eating as it obviously sometimes is, I love bearing witness to people enjoying performing - in whatever form that might take.

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