Thursday, November 25, 2010

Worst Case Scenario

And here's another winning comment from the public posters at CNN...

"This folks will be the headlines Monday morning:

On Sunday, North Korea launched a nuclear tipped missile against the America's carrier group which was participating in Navy drills with South Korea about 70 miles off the coast of South Korea. The nuclear weapon detonated over the USS George Washington carrier and several of it's support ships sending over 10,000 brave American sailors to Davy Jones locker.

In addition, one nuclear tipped missile also detonated over Seoul, South Korea, killing over 500,000 people and burning most of the city to ashes.

The Americans responded within 15 minutes by sending over 60 MIRV's from a pair of Trident subs nearby, completely taking out all of North Korea nuclear facilities, most of it's Army, command headquarters, and it's entire leadership (5 nukes where detonated over deep hardened bomb shelters and successfully drilled down almost a mile and vaporized the entire NK leadership).

China, incensed by this, and seeking an opportunity to seize Taiwan, viciously attacks Taiwan and the USA, being committed to it's defense, and having no carrier group in the area after losing the USS George Washington attack group--has no choice but to launch nuclear missiles starting a massive nuclear exchange between China and the USA.

Meanwhile, off in Siberia, aging Russian missile command centers mistakenly calculate that many of the missiles intended for North Korea are headed toward Russian territory and Russia launches a pre-emptive full strategic strike against America with over 1500 nuclear missiles directed at every major city and military installation in the country.

America, seeing nuclear missiles by the thousands coming from both Russia and China, launches everything in it's arsenal (over 3000 missiles) at both Russia and China and Nostradamus misses just by a scant 2 years his Apocalypse theory coming true in December of 2010 instead of his predicted December of 2012.

A few days later-- Russia, China, Taiwan, both Koreas and America lie in ruins and radiation is off the charts everywhere killing billions more.

Germany and Japan announce intentions to once again unite in a world front to take control of the world.

The world will never be the same."

I'm thinking he reads too many Tom Clancy novels. I wonder if they make a survival guide for this.

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Andy Irwin said...

Is this guy a journalist or a novelist? His fiction isn't bad you know, but it's a sad comment about today's journalism, because more and more this is the kind of fiction that moves factual papers or at least, promotes clicks and tweeting around the globe.