Tuesday, November 30, 2010

COEX Aquarium

I went-by Seoul's biggest aquarium today (not Korea's biggest - that would be Busan's) to scout-out a field trip for my winter English camp. It's always good to have a field trip on the agenda for the students whose parents make them attend school over the holidays, and being that it's going to be effing cold, we need something indoors. Sadly, almost anything that is both cool and indoors and somewhat educational is down south - at least an hour from school. That means quite the journey for us with a large group of unruly students. The law will be laid down.

Anyway, today was my first trip inside the aquarium - one of Seoul's recommended attractions - and it was pretty good for what it is, though in my opinion it is a tad over-priced and certainly not a destination for anyone who isn't a fan of animals held captive in too small environments.

But, it has some fun little fish aquarium sections, and some beautiful and huge coral reef areas. There is the requisite Tunnel of Shark Death area as well, complete with Jaws theme for those in the know.

Strangely, there was no pacific octopus in his tank. Perhaps the aquarium staff were hungry.

Anyway, for those with kids, or for those who just need them some zany fish action, there are some displays worth seeing. Fish are cool, and how else am I going to see them? Specifically, where else am I going to see a two-headed "good luck" turtle? It's the stuff of Flip & Flop's nightmares.

Still, not too sure about that 17,500 won price tag. Here's hoping we get enough students each week for the group discount...

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