Friday, November 26, 2010

Jessica & Rupert

Jessica is probably one of the cutest kids in my school. She's in grade 3 (middle school) and I will miss her dearly when she leaves next year. Just look at those glasses for eff's sake. How cute is that? During the winter, she's one of the ones who walked-around school at all times with a gigantic fluffy scarf wrapped at least 12 times around her neck - rendering her almost completely immobile. She had to turn her entire upper body to look at her classmate beside her. Adorable.

Anyway, she loves herself some Ron Weasley, so the Harry Potter desk calendar that my sister gave to me for Christmas last year has come-in handy. She likes to preview the week's up-coming pages and put dibs on the Rupert Grint photos.

This one was especially dreamy because he was in his jammies.

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