Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mama Yu

Good weekend. Great class yesterday, then dinner with the Tedward, and a surprise visit from the rabbit. Up early-ish this morning, on the bike and down to Gangnam - first stopping at Biclo for a tune-up and then on to meet Mama Yu at Butterfingers for lunch.

Mama Yu is mom to no other than my friend, Johnny. Last October, my visiting parents took us for breakfast the the Butterfingers in Apgujeong. It was grand having Johnny bond with the Gagnier clan as he regaled them with tales of Johnny charm: "You know, on a first date, I don't bring flowers I bring chocolate. After dinner, the lady is encouraged to try one. You see, chocolate hits different nerve centers, and if she's willing to try the chocolate, and she likes it, and it satisfies her, I think there's a good chance there will be second date."

Good advice.

Today, we met-up with Johnny and his Mama Yu who is visiting the homeland from Houston, Texas. She was lovely - glad to meet all of us "handsome boys" and very generous to take us all out for dinner in what really ends-up being one of the more expensive casual restaurants in Korea. It's mainly a western breakfast place, but more than twice the price of Nellie's back home.

Robbie, George, Johnny, and I listened as Mama Yu regaled us with her own tales - life lessons, in fact: "Girls should have a good heart first, a good brain second, and be pretty third." "If a girl always is hitting you - it's not good!" "Friends should stay together forever!" - All points well-taken.

Mama Yu was great, and it was a joy to casually coax her into telling compromising stories of Johnny's youth.

Lunch was soon over and she thanked us all sincerely for "being so good to (her) Johnny!" "You are all my sons today", she said. Lots of hugs, and off our separate ways as her and Johnny walked away hand-in-hand.

Great to meet the parental units of people you meet in adult-hood. The mental distance one has to travel in order to imagine your adult friend as a wee youth isn't always as great as you might think. Big Johnny was little Johnny today, and it was endearing. So glad we got the chance to gather some mocking material to use against him next time. Made me miss my own parents more.

Thank, Mama Yu!

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