Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh, Min-Jin...

Min-Jin, one of my Saturday high school students recently gave me an essay entitled "Essay about Coeducational school" - not a great title, but we've been focusing on other things lately.

He is writing about the dangers of mixed-gender schools. There seems to be a growing trend among public schools toward all-girl or all-boy schools. Or, in cases where they are not ready for the big shift, some of the subject classes are divided by gender.

Anyway, I had to share this paragraph with you. It speaks for itself:

"Recently, the survey which is conducted by MRI, PET scanning shows that men and women have different biological brains. And many people know that men and women have different physical trait. So it causes problems of different sex. First, difference on trait of body causes inconvenience in school. For example, when girls change into gym clothes, it's very inconvenient with the boys around. Second, distorted feminism has a bad effect to school. For instance, standard of PE is different for girls and boys but standard of music, art, needlework, cooking is same for students. Many boy students have asked to make different standards of needle work and art... But it hasn't been accepted. Also, 72% of teachers has better impression of girl students than boy students Because of most of girls are more careful and winsome. It leads to wrong treatment for boy. Third, because both sexes have different brains, they need to have different types of education to increase efficiency of education."


Douglas said...

LOL, winsome. [INSERT CELL PHONE ENGLISH DICTIONARY WORD HERE]. The fact that he mentioned boys trying to seek corresponding lower standards in art and such was actually cute.

Is this the same chap who has the steel gaze in the photo you posted about the excursion to Olympic Park?

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

No - different kid. Min-jin is quite an affable cat, and gets-along quite well with the ladies. It was a charming paragraph for sure, but will be less charming when he uses it again in his masters thesis at Yonsei University.

Tuttle said...

Win some, lose some. What's wrong wi' dat?

Anyway, you mention a "growing trend" toward single-gender schools. What is the current status on this, do you know? Because, in Seoul at least, every *high school* I know of is single-gender. I think it's different in middle school ...?

Finally, I think Min-jin has a valid point. Many people know that men and women have different physical trait. 'Nuff said.