Monday, November 29, 2010

Sleepy Time

Yesterday (Monday) morning, I woke-up and looked outside to see snow covering the ground. I desperately wanted to stay in bed, but instead, I biked to school, and administered speaking tests to Monday morning 8th graders whose brains (as by collective choice or just as a result of the day and time) were the approximate equivalent of 2 brains for the whole class to rub together. It was a slow and painful process which ran across all of my break time, over the lunch hour, and leading right-up to my after school club. And that was my high-level students.

When such speaking tests are being administered, and the repetition sets-in, it really is enough to make you fall asleep mid-sentence, which I nearly did a couple of times.

Got home, and crashed at about 9:00. Best sleep I've had on weeks. Thanks you, speaking test, for lowering my brain's functionality to the level that all I needed to do was be in close proximity to beddy-bye, and then it was lights out.

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