Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turtle Time

Okay, so I have too much to say about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to write about right now. So, I will instead tell a turtle tale.

About a year and a half ago now, my friend, Dee gave me two slider turtles that she had inherited from a previous English teacher here in Seoul. They were really tiny when Dee got them, and still relatively smallish when they were given to me in the summer of 2009.

Now - not so small. I did somewhat improve upon their living conditions when Flip & Flop first arrived in my humble abode - giving them a proper 10 gallon aquarium with heater and filter.

They have long since outgrown their tank, however, and I need to change it on a weekly basis unless I want to see them swimming in their own terrible turtle soup.

Anyway, today on a Christmas card shopping trip, I stopped by the area in Lotte Mart that sells supplies for Kim-jang (the seasonal kimchi-preparation time) and I bought a big-ass bowl to give the not-so-little guys a new place to swim-about when I am taking care of their home on a Sunday night. They took to it like turtles to water and swam-about happily (super-fast, by the way) before doing their business. Glad to have them give their refreshed homestead a poop-reprieve for day one.

It's fun to watch them swim around where they have more space. They are truly fast little guys and I wonder how fast they'd be able to go with even more space.

Anyway, reality is, they need a new home. Immediately, that means that they need a bigger aquarium, which isn't hard or expensive to get here, though I would need to go down to Dongdaemun to get one.

Secondly, I'm heading to Canada within the year to complete a one-year teaching degree, and I'm pretty sure the rabbit will be coming with me for at least part of the trip. Since turtles can't be imported to Canada, at least I'm pretty sure that they can't, I'm going to need to find these little fellas a home. Taking little turtles is a great deal different from taking on ones that are now twice that size - Flip, the smaller of the two, has a shell that is 12cm x 9cm. It's a lot to ask of someone - to change their housing once a week and to find help when vacation time rolls-around. Lots to consider.

In the meantime, I have grown accustomed to having two turtle buddies in my house, and observing their cute little dinosaur ways - inside their house, or outside where they have free reign from time to time.

Suggestions are welcome.


Tuttle said...

::whistles tunelessly::looks at sky, looks at watch, looks at another part of sky ...::

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Damn - I wish I knew what this was in reference to...

Tuttle said...

Huh? Really?

Boy are you dumb! I was clearly ignoring the suggestion that a reader of yours (like, say, me) should volunteer to adopt your turtles.

I was actively avoiding the issue by looking away and whistling, fer chrissakes!

Appeal to readers: who's right here? Did I successfully ignore the plea for a turtle-adopter or was I just tunelessly blathering for no responsive purpose?

vagabondshandi said...

Don't let anyone make them into soup. )-: Beyond that, I'm unfortunately not sure. Are you sure you can't bring them to Canada? I can't believe they've gotten so big!

And hey... stay safe.

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Gee whiz, Mr. Campbell - take it easy! You're my only reader, so nobody is likely to come to your aid here.

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Hey, Dee - don't worry, they will remain as non-soup turtles for sure. I'm going to see what I can do about taking them with me. Wouldnt that be a grand picture in the airport - a carrying case full of dry turtles and poop.

Tuttle said...

That was sarcasm, dude!

FTR, I don't think you're dumb...

And you appearently have at least one more reader, who alas, didn't weigh in on my previous post. Who's this "Campbell" guy anyway, I'm Tuttle!