Sunday, December 12, 2010

"George Bailey"

A little while back, a lovely lady by the name of Carlyn Sills found my blog by accident through a Google search. She thought I had a lovely rabbit and liked my fridge full of beer, and most importantly, she left a link to this crazy little video for her song which she herself wrote, called "George Bailey".

Of course I miss the big guy at this time of year. Turns out others do, too. How charming is this?

Turns out she is quite an established musician (you can check out her website), and if you like what you hear, you can pick-up her 4 song EP on itunes. Well worth it, and what Christmas music collection would now be complete without Ms. Sills' contribution?

And how can this video not make you smile? It reminds me of my favourite Far Side cartoon - the one where all of the furniture shout "we're back!" as they enter through the door of a house where the presumed owner sits bored on the floor, waiting for their return.

This song and video are right up my Christmas alley.

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