Sunday, December 5, 2010

K-League Champions

An odd day, that started-off relatively shabby, and grew into something worthwhile. Was supposed to meet-up with my PE teachers who had invited me to the Korean League final match between Seoul FC and Jeju United. I love soccer, so I was happy to go, but also a little reluctant to give-up a lazy Sunday at home.

Anyway, long story, but it was a good thing that I was given my own ticket at school, because nobody else from my school ended-up showing-up there. Whatever. I went to the game anyway and was treated to a decent match, which was unfortunately decided by a difference-making penalty kick for a foul that really wasn't. I've seen far too many matches end that way.

So, Seoul FC is currently in my bad books, as I don't see them as being deserving 2010 K League champions. Too bad that Jeju seemed to let Seoul's Tom Foolery get to them and they too started acting out like clowns, diving in the box and letting frustration get the best of them at times.

After the game, decided to meet-up with Johnny for some Japanese ramen and darts in Christmas-lit Hongdae. Good times - even if my ass was handed to me on both the Arachnid and the Phoenix dart systems. I can never really hit that 18.

Anyway, thanks to Johnny for offering sake to raccoons, and for ending the weekend well.


Douglas said...

Was the Japanese Ramen place that small one nestled into a alley, the one we went to?

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

No - we went there, and Johnny was impressed that you, too, knew of its deliciousness. The line was way too long, so we found another one not far away - no line and equally delicious.

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Tuttle said...

Well, it was a take-down, but did the defender get the ball, is the question. I couldn't tell from my seat in the eighth row at midfield.

Be that as it may, don't blame FC Seoul if the ref made a bad call. They converted, like they're supposed to--come on, give 'em your love!

I will say tempers got pretty heated for a while there after the PK, but mostly the Korean league eschews the flopping, fighting and nonsense often seen elsewhere.

I was really disappointed with stadium operations, though! They ran out of everything in the west section before halftime! Did they still have food and drink where you were?

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

I can't give them my love, man. I'm a hard-hearted dude when it comes to soccer. The only team I can forgive in the face of great odds is the French National Team. Forgive me for that.

I saw the take-down form further away than you did, but man did Jeju seem pissed about it. They didn't let-up which tells me something and the let it affect them for the rest of the game. Too bad.

I'm not sure about the food situation. The West was definitely the most full, but I loaded-up at GS25 before going in. I went waaaay-up in the East section for the 2nd half - the 1st I spent with the Jeju supporters, but the view wasn't ideal. I want to see the whole field.

Tuttle said...

A few more comments then I'll stop.

I don't like watching soccer from the goal line either, though I do like American football that way. Go figure.

Jeju was very upset about the PK call, but maybe their mental let-down after scoring affected that (have I ever told you my Big Five Theory? Remind me). This was the second time I've seen Jeju this season (3 if you count Wed. on TV) and they seem prone to falling apart, second-guessing the ref, etc.

Also, you say the PK call at 27 min. in the first half was "difference-making". Well, it tied the score, and quickly negated a serious error by the FCS keeper. But, as is always the case with this, who's to say what might or might not have happened without that call?

Both teams had their chances after that--67 minutes worth of playing time, as it turned out. FCS converted (on a nice CK, if I may say) and that is what earned the title.

Come on, let your love flow! Go with me to next season's home opener and I'll buy your ticket! (Certain restrictions apply)

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

I don't disagree with you about any of your points. True - Jeju should have gotten it together in the rest of the game and put Seoul away, but they had little composure after that. Not the makr of a champion.

Of course, as a hockey fan where game susually end in a higher score than 2-1, I know how painful it is in soccer to have a PK goal scored against you. I still think you could say the game was decided then - anything could have happened, but that's a shitty way to lose your lead. I was cheering for Ghana is later stages of the world cup, but when they eliminated a team (I forget who it was now) with a late penalty to win 2-1, it just felt so unsatisfying.

You know what I'm saying.