Monday, December 13, 2010

"Next stop - Azkaban!"

I'm not quite this bad... but yes, I am.

I'm getting off early these days due to final exams and raiding my school's library of the Potter films in an attempt to catch-up before Wednesday. Azkaban was tonight - for anyone who might be considering reading the series for the first time (hello, Mr. Whittle), feel free to read them all, but avoid the first two films all-together. Start the movies with Azkaban, if you're so inclined. Cuaron knows what he's doing, and Columbus knew what he was doing stepping aside. George Lucas could have learned a few things.

It's the place to begin for an introduction to the series' film universe, and it's a fun one to revisit some major plot points now that I have the perspective of a complete series. It's also minus the extra helpings of cheese and gravy that Columbus served-up in the first two. Just watch Maggie Smith in the shrieking shack - unshackled, it seems, from bad direction - she actually seems natural. So, too, does Harry in the Gryffindor tower when Ron wakes up from bad dreams. I love the off-handedness of it all - something the previous films weren't quite confident enough to do.

In teaching news, the PPT that I spent far too long on yesterday in an attempt to have a fun Christmas game lesson, didn't work. I know eff-all about computers it seems. Well, most of it worked, but the video segments did not. I suck, and I'm nowhere near as nerdy as I need to be when it actually counts for something. Thanks to David Tho for letting me know about the quick fix. Tomorrow will be smoother.

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