Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree

The rabbit and I got the little Christmas tree up today, and it looks mighty fine, I must say. The family Christmas package is also packed and ready to go, and I’ll be shipping it off on Monday.

I guess that means that I’m about ready for Christmas, and can look forward to doing my best to get out and enjoy holiday stuff as often as possible between now and the 25th. Even if it’s not “holiday stuff”, I’m one of those Christmas nerds who enjoys seeing familiar places in full festive mode at this time of year. I’m actually a little OCD about it – I simply MUST get to as many familiar haunts as possible to celebrate the season in their midst.

Today was necessarily a day off. Due to high school final exams, I won’t be teaching my Saturday class until the 18th, when I will insist on having a more relaxed lesson and a Christmas party of sorts as opposed to the originally scheduled plan for that day of talking about capital punishment and watching part 1 of Dead Man Walking. We’ll save that for the new year.

Anyway, the little apartment is looking rather festive. I’ve got James Brown singing about a soulful Christmas, lights around the window, a fridge full of beer, and mom’s Christmas shortbread on its way from Canada. All I’m missing is Douglas wandering down from the 13thf floor to play a little Perfect Dark.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there George Bailey - you have a beautiful tree, a lovely rabbit, a fridge full of beer... I'd say you are a lucky man. I came across your blog due to the title and wanted to share a holiday song I wrote, called George Bailey:

Hope you enjoy, happy holidays!
Carolyn Sills