Saturday, December 18, 2010

On Our Way to the Abattoir

I've been on busy subways before, but tonight just sucked. As a point of reference, check out the photo above (from google image searches), and double the amount of people. That's what I dealt with for five stops from Yeoksam to Sadang on the green line, before transferring to the blue line #4 - knowing that I wasn't going to make it all the way back to my house by train because of the time, I opted instead to just try my best to go as North as possible before the trains stopped running, and I'd get a cab from there.

Honestly, though - some got hurt tonight just trying to get on and off the train. People turn into the most base and jackal-like versions of themselves when trying to catch trains home late at night. There was no room left on the train at Yeoksam... but oh yes there was! The doors open at Gangnam, people fight tooth and nail to get off while others are pushing their way on in fear that they'll get left behind on the platform, and the same things happens at the following stations - complete effing mayhem.

Tonight, I saw a child (maybe 4) smushed in-between enough people that someone had to hold her up or she was not going to be able to breathe, and woman beside me with a birthday cake in a box, who rebuked my offer to hold it up above the crowd only to have it crushed between her and some dude's backpack. Oops.

Finally, I was spat out of the train at Sadang, but not before having to swim against a wave of ass-clowns trying to get on at the same time, and a group of ajumas who stood on the train right at the clogged entrance and refused to move to let others on or off - I'm sure it must have looked pretty funny to a fly on the wall, but to me, who was comparatively calm, I was starting to get pissed. If you're going to accept that you are going to be crammed all higglety-pigglety into a rolling sardine can, you should be able to trust that those near the door will get off the train to make room for those who need to exit when their time comes. Oh, no - people brace themselves on poles and hold tight, fighting for their land like latter-day Scarlett O'Haras, and the result is about as dramatic.

When the train came to a stop at Hansung University station, I didn't even bother fighting with the mobs to catch a bus the rest of the way and I went straight for a taxi.

I won't be leaving Yeoksam that late on a Saturday night again. Complete jack-assery, that was.

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Douglas said...

I'll never forget getting off at Hansung University to catch the buses late at night. The shit was really bananas, Fall of Saigon like with people running after buses already filled up and banging on the doors. I remember this one stubborn Ajuma refusing to step off the bus, even when the bus driver kept on trying to close the door on her.

Good times, Good times...