Monday, December 6, 2010

Packages, boxes and bags

Wasn’t looking forward to today – been pretty tired lately and the thought of getting up early for school was a less-than-appealing one. But, as mentioned in the previous post, today ended-up being just fine.

I was motivated on my way out the door as I left with a package certainly big enough to get my bike re-certified as “cargo-class”. The rabbit and I had been wrapping presents and writing Christmas cards frantically to get them sent-out in time for Christmas. Mission-accomplished.

I have to say, postage is expensive. Not entirely sure how much my parcel weighed, but it was biggish and in order to get it there for Christmas, I needed to pay a hefty total of 81,000 won, or something in that vicinity. My choices were either 68,000 won for 20-25 days, or 81,000 for 3-5 days. Where’s the in-between? And who would bother paying the lesser price this close to Christmas? Yeesh!

Anyway, I felt rather sheepish when, upon returning to school after dropping my Canada-bound package off at the post office, I found my Christmas parcel from the family waiting for me on my desk – at a Canadian postage price of nearly double that. Dang. Sorry, mom and dad – clearly we need to re-think the limits on what we send through rush postage next year.

Anyway, despite the head-shaking over money spent on both sides to send Christmas greetings and gifts hither and yon, I couldn’t have had a better trifecta of Christmassy goodness today: good Christmassy classes, photos from my sister on facebook (to add to the ones I got from other friends on the weekend), and a Christmas package from home. Thanks for the photos, guys – they mean the world to me.

The rabbit and I sifted through everything, setting-aside the wrapped gifts for the 25th, opening cards, checking out Auntie’s photos, and then enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and some of mom’s shortbreads from home – the likely cause of the majority of that weight.

Anyway, I wanted to let the folks at home know that your parcel is on its way. Had to lie about the cost of items as Korean post was telling me something about Canada having a $51 limit on gift items entering the country – anything more and mom and dad would have to pay taxes on it before they pick-up the parcel. Not an appealing choice.

It was great getting that package today – the perfect start to the week. I love that I have a family that cares enough to send the very best. The rabbit marveled at Dad’s precise hand-writing on the wrapping, and took some samples as souvenirs. I was also very happy to see so many other little treats – magazines and Canadian Tire Christmas flyers from home (staple December morning, advent calendar-opening reading from my youth), photos form Auntie, and a hockey article cut from the newspaper by my dad.

And thanks, Sandy, for making me cry with Christian and Brandon’s snowflakes and Christmas drawings. It’s great to have these slices from home, but they also serve to remind me of how much I’m missing. Truly, I would give anything to be there with you guys this Christmas. If I had a magic wand, we would both be there on the 24th. If only.

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