Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snowflakes and Giant Rabbits

Got on a Christmas bus today to get to school. Seoul Transit seems to set-up a few of these on routes all over the city - the lights are working all over the inside and I can't help but feel a little better about getting onto a crowded-ass bus while I'm still waking-up if there are strings of garland, tinsel, lights, and Christmas music in the air.

It was a good start to the day, then the kids went berserk at lunch time - big, thick, white flakes falling and everyone just had to get out there. I heard kids running and screaming through the hallway and one little guy with the English name of "Pepsi" stuck his head into my classroom and said "Teacher! It is... snow!" Well, I just had to join him.

I took the camera out into the yard where it seemed all students were gathering. Not enough to make real snowballs and it was melting fast, but we all loved it. Some students were trying to catch flakes on their tongues, and I was about to, until I remembered that fact that said flakes originated somewhere over Chinese air space, just like the yellow dust that pays us a visit every Spring. Meh - whatevs. I caught a few anyway.

After school, made my way downtown to the center of Christmas lights and shopping at the Lotte Department Store just West of Myeong-dong. I could take a thousand photos there, but it would be redundant after last year. I did, however have to take a couple of the "Giant Rabbit" on loan from Germany to the Lotte Department Store until later this month. To give you a sense of perspective, the big guy and gal are hanging-out in a climate-controlled habitat outside of the store's main entrance with a bunch of regular-sized bunnykins. They are likely here in anticipation of next year's "Year of the Rabbit" in the lunar calendar and Chinese Zodiac.

The biggest of the two was the lady rabbit, and she was content to loaf-about for the most part, while her slightly smaller suitor was anything but - he was far too interested in some holiday bunny love, but after a few of her rebukes, he settled for a kiss and a cuddle by the yule log.

Then, a stroll to Sam-cheong-dong for dinner, after which the snow started again. Wet and heavy. We were both a little too headachey and sniffly to properly enjoy the stroll, but it was still beautiful with all the snow. I don't think I'll be riding my bike for a few days.

Not my bike.

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