Monday, January 10, 2011

Achilles Acupuncture

On December 30th, I went skating at Seoul Plaza (in front of City Hall) with a few friends. It was great - I even found skates to fit me - 300 mm size, though they were a bit odd - they had this strange kind of folding hinge clasp that you find on ski boots, and while they were adjustable, they never really felt like they fit correctly.

Anyway, it was an hour on some pretty shabby and crowded ice, but I honestly loved every minute of it. I like skating, and though I'm not great at it, I don't think it would take too much for me to get better.

A couple of days later, I found that both of my Achilles tendons were feeling excruciatingly stiff in the mornings. Soon, the pain went all the way around to the front of my ankles as well and I didn't quite understand how or why. As I write this, it's been over a week and a half since I went skating, and there's still major pain and swelling my both of my ankles, but mostly the left. It looked and felt like a badly-sprained ankle. Hard to walk on and puffy as all heck.

Anyway, on Saturday night, the rabbit took me to a clinic in Sinchon to have them look at my ankle. They put me up on a bed and drew the curtain, and then I saw shiny sharp things. I really had no idea that this was an acupuncture place. Anyway, 15 minutes and 8000 won later, I was all de-pinned and sent on my way.

It didn't really work though. So, the rabbit took me to a better place near my house tonight. What's up with the North of Seoul? The guy stuck 28 pins in both of my legs, and followed it up with Dr. Ho-style electro-suction madness. I was there for nearly 30 minutes of treatment, and all for 5000 won. What the hell is up with Sinchon?

The best part was that the doctor let the rabbit try-out the electro-jelly shocker thingy (Sandy - what's the thing really called?) on the backs of my legs while he went to go check on another patient. Fun stuff.

Anyway, it didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. I don't know how far the little guys go in, but you do feel them - just a little discomfort, but tense your muscles in any way while they are in there and then it's not at all a good thing. I am glad to report though that at the end of today's experience, my left leg does feel a bit better. Still, I'll wait for tomorrow morning to deliver a true verdict.

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