Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gout! Gout! Shout it out!

So... that pain in my ankle could very well be... Gout!

A friend suggested the possibility, and after class on Saturday, I headed to a joint specialist and chiropractor in Yeuido to have a look at my ankles, which really aren't looking so good these days. He almost immediately thought that Gout might be the cause of all my woes of late.

First, the man and his team of muscular nurses, bent me every which way in a successful attempt to re-align my pelvis which had gone a little out of whack as I attempted to maneuver through the work week while favouring both ankles. Dude was putting his entire body weight into some of the torquing. Miraculously, after all of the snappage and resistance exercises and stretches he had me do, the pain which had been developing in my knees and hips was gone. Just gone. Nice work, sir.

I've got blood tests on Monday to confirm that this is indeed Gout, but all signs point to it. I'm actually happy about that for the most part, as at least it gives me something to focus on and work towards ridding myself of. I wasn't satisfied being told that I had a grade 2 sprain in both ankles without having sprained them.

But wait a second, after a bit of searching, Gout is what's known at the "Rich Man's Disease" - not really a "disease" per-se, so much as it is a "condition". It is one brought-on in most cases by excessive drinking and MEAT EATING! Being that I am not an excessive drinker (I might average-out, when all is said and done, at about 4 beers/month in my adult life) and I've been a 99% vegetarian for more than 15 years now.

Here's hoping that blood tests get to the bottom of this crazy Gout mystery. In the meantime, I'm kind of shy about it - though not shy enough to prevent it from making an appearance here on my blog. I have been hobbling-about to work like a 90 year-old man the past couple of weeks, and the pain killers given to me by the doctor on Saturday have done wonders, but there's something about the name "Gout" that just doesn't sit well with me. Perhaps it's because Gout rhymes with "trout". Perhaps it's because the name conjures-up images of old, smelly, and generally unhealthy men with gnarly attributes. In fact, when looking at my ankle this afternoon, my lady-fair told me that I looked like Shrek. Sigh...


Tuttle said...

Gout. Have it, hate it. It's often called "The king of diseases and the disease of kings." In addition to alcohol and red meat, a diet high in shellfish may be to blame.

It is a condition where iodine crystals form in the lymph of a joint or joints--there's usually not much inflammation, but reddening occurs and lots and lots of pain. No, agony. If you don't like the name gout, you could call it metabolic arthritis.

I have a flareup once every year or two since my thirties, but not since tumbling ashore here (knock wood). Fortunately, there are some very effective drugs to manage the symptoms.

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Sorry about your Gout, my friend. I guess it's not Gout for me after all, but I'll keep you posted on what it actually is.