Monday, January 10, 2011

Two Eyes - One Dream

I've been napping a fair amount after coming home from my English Winter Camp, which I will post about one of these days.

Last night, we decided to avoid window draft and instead sleep on a triple-double yo situation on my heated floor. Good call. Apparently, I slept like a baby.

Today after I got home from school though, I had an hour nap while waiting to meet the rabbit to visit Mr. Acupuncture.

In my dream, I was in a house that I didn't recognize, and I was disoriented. My eyes were acting-up: if I closed one eye, seeing out of the one that was opened placed me in a room different from the one I remember being in. When I closed that I and opened the other, I appeared to be somewhere else.

This was true in a physical sense as well, but it worked in the opposite way from what my eyes were showing me. One eye seemed to show me standing near the top of a set of darkened stairs, but I could only feel the banister physically when that eye was closed, and another one opened to show a sunny kitchen area. When I closed the eye that revealed the kitchen, I could see the banister, but feel the acccoutrements of the kitchen - the counter, sink, backs of chairs etc. Looking back on it, the kitchen in my dream was very much like my mom and dad's kitchen back home. The stairs however, were not.

Anyway, it was very vivid and disorienting, and I wonder if it came from lying down on my floor, and perhaps opening one eye to see, half-consciously, that I was in a different sleeping position from the usual. Regardless... it creeped me right the eff out.


Douglas said...

Tear up the planks! Here! Here! It's the beating of his hideous heart!

Anonymous said...


Ian said...

Sounds like Mrs Potato Head in Toy Story 3. Hmm, and you've got a foot that looks a bit like a potato. Weird.