Sunday, February 27, 2011

Carrot Muffins

The rabbit loves bread. As two friends from down south (Neil and Emiko) were returning to Canada a couple of weeks ago, back in December, they offered to give me their really nice convection oven that they had purchased for their apartment here. That gave me inspiration for part of rabbit's bread-themed Christmas gift: a Korean mini-oven cookbook published through a local bakery and the promise that we could attend a chosen baking lesson together.

The oven arrived two weeks ago and tonight was our first chance to use it. Let me begin by saying that I have next to no experience with baking. I can make a mean raspberry chiffon pie, but that's a cold pie. All that I need to throw in an oven for that is a Crisco pie crust. I suppose I have rolled some dough for mom once upon a few Christmases, but I was necessarily supervised.

Rabbit and I started easy tonight. First step was getting the ingredients and supplies (of which I had nearly none) and then we dove into the book. This was rabbit's thing, so we chose carrot muffins and did it all together. A few minor missteps when we mistook a tpsp foe a tsp while measuring salt, cinnamon, and baking powder, but we soon righted the ship. We picked-up a digital scale today as well as the other scale just wouldn't have been accurate enough for such small measurements.

As you can see, our first attempt was a sad and floppy failure, but the second and third batches came out swimmingly, I would say - even if they do look like they're about to flubber right out of the pan. The only missing ingredient: vanilla oil. Oh, well - we had the carrots, and that's what counts.

Baking isn't so bad. I dig the aroma that fills the room, and I love watching the little guys rise. I'm 35 effing years old - why didn't I try this baking thing earlier?

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