Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Top 25 (21-25)

Just for poops and ha-has, here are the first 5 of my top 25 most played songs on itunes as of today. Some are on there as a result of being among many play lists or frequently included in an on-the-go Genius mix, others are obviously there because they are frequently called upon as needed through a regular day in the life of Dave. I was lost in thought today, and came across one of these by chance. Got me thinking about what it is that I listen to most. I'm sure the top 50 would be more telling, but that would also be overload. Some on the list I proudly call favourites, and others, well... enjoy, or cringe...

21) Karma Police (Radiohead)
22) Waiting for Summer (Jon Nordstrom, who was too lazy to post a video on youtube. Get on it.)
23) The Shining (Badly Drawn Boy)
24) Swim Until You Can't See Land (Frightened Rabbit)
25) Something Vague (Bright Eyes)

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