Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bureaucratic Fools (II)

As I arrived at school today, I noticed some students marching around the school with hastily-made signs in Hangeul and the leading student holding an empty jar. I noticed the Korean word for "Japan", so I stopped to ask what was going on.

"We are collecting money for Japan!" said one student.

This was about 5 minutes before the homeroom bell.

When I inquired further as to why students had suddenly been given the go-ahead to collect money for Japan, this is what I found out:

1) Homeroom teachers were collecting money from their students to donate to Japan (hopefully the Red Cross, but who knows?)
2) The powers that be in Central Seoul Office f Education) had apparently decided as late as this past Friday that it was officially okay to solicit funds for this purpose.
3) Teachers were notified to collect money today.
4) The deadline for raising money at our school is also today.

Guess how much this angers me. For a little background, you'll need to read my post from March 15th.

In short, the whole purpose of having a fund-raiser at a school is to involve as many people as possible for a good cause - mobilize the many and see what happens. My suggestion to collect money over a period of 2 or 3 weeks, while charting our progress on a chart available for all to see, I think would have raised more money than the "Surprise! Give us your money today!" campaign that went on while sleepy students were stumbling into school on a Monday morning.

Teacher: "What's that, Junsu? You didn't bring any money to school today?"
Junsu: "Well, nobody told me that I needed to."
Teacher: "But, we are raising money for Japan today. Don't you want to help the people of Japan?"
Junsu: "Yes, but can't I donate tomorrow?"
Teacher: "Oh, I'm sorry Junsu... today is the last day."

Good work, guys.

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Tuttle said...

Absolutely infuriating!