Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fast Food Nation

Blew two spokes in my rear wheel today on the way to work. Had to make an appointment for the Brompton at the bike spa, and it'll be there until Saturday - a little Spring cleaning and tune-up action.

I've been reading a new pick-up - Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation, just in time for my unit on food and vegetarianism for this Saturday's class. I won't have time to finish the book by then, as this is turning out to be a hell of a week in terms of planning (more on that later), but the book is a great read. I'm hooked.

So, it was with and ironic sense of appreciation that the rabbit and I stopped by Johnny Rockets tonight for an after-dinner shake and fries near Express Bus Terminal. It's a pretty cool little place - complete with the little 100 won mini jukeboxes at each table and at the bar. We choose some Everly Brothers to help wash-down the fries and shake. A lovely little '50s diner snack right here in Korea - so perfectly illustrating the realities lamented in Schlosser's book. Hopefully more on that later, too.

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