Thursday, March 17, 2011

The King's Speechie

The rabbit and I saw The King's Speech - the movie finally being released here in Korea with tonight being opening night. There was a pretty decent crowd for an early 5:30 show and they appeared to really dig it - especially one lady sitting directly behind us who seemed to mistake moments meant to elicit pathos as moments designed to elicit snickering and giggling. When the Duke of York has a big Wembley Stadium stammering fail, she apparently thought that was pretty damn funny.

I really liked this movie - made me tear-up in places. As someone who has struggled with another aspect of public speaking, I could relate a lot to what Firth's character was going through. It's a real fear and a crippling one. Good thing I never had to respond to the declaration of a World War.

I was also glad to see that we got the unedited version here in Seoul. I think it's too bad, and a sad display of greed, to re-release the film minus the potty-mouth scenes just to get a PG-13 rating and a few more bums in seats. To me, those scenes were integral. I would have felt robbed without them.

Good movie. I'm not sad it won the Oscar.

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Tuttle said...

Sounds possibly like a flick worth seeing. Possibly.

I have to say that there was a time when I watched the Oscars, the Tonies, the Grammies et al with bated breath. And to this day I acknowledge the value of what they recognize. I do.

But as for me, I haven't watched an awards show in ten plus years. And I don't miss them. I just don't accept that it's possible for the voters to be well informed enough for the votes to have meaning, so the awards need a caveat.

As to your title, I make the freshyear students repeat the day's date, whose month is NOT Marchie.