Monday, March 21, 2011

My Classroom Heater

I'm going to complain a bit - and I'm going to use the Calgary Flames' recent loss as an excuse. I'm in a bad mood because of it, so hear me out, or ignore this post and read something more productive.

Today, I will complain about the heater in my classroom. The same unit is used as the air conditioner in the summer months (if used sparingly), but I no longer have control over it.

The powers that be in my school (and by "powers that be", I refer specifically to the head of administration - the one who likes to stand, surveying the school yard through his office window, with his back to you as he methodically moistens the office plants with his spray bottle, only addressing you as "Waygook" (foreigner) but never making eye-contact), they want to control each classroom's heater/air conditioner from the main office. The switch was made some time ago - leaving the control panel in my classroom useless.

Well, the heat is never on for the first period, and it blasts all the way from about midway through the 2nd period until well after I leave school and classes have been over for an hour and a half. If this is an attempt to save money by wrestling heater control from the hands of the irresponsible waygook, then I'm pretty sure it's a colossal failure thus far. I hear nothing by bitching and moaning from my students (who refuse to remove their North Face jackets despite the manufactured heat bearing down on them), and all I can do is shrug.

I suppose in the end, I'm just fine as I am well past the point of caring what the first floor botanist thinks of my ability to regulate the temperature in my classroom, and I am smart enough to dress in layers on cold days, but really, man - I'm fully capable of pushing the "on/off" button and I can even do it without standing on a chair.

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