Sunday, March 13, 2011

Santorini in Seoul

The rabbit met me after my Saturday class to take me to a surprise location. Turns out, we were to visit the "Santorini" Museum in Hongdae. You can read more about it here.

The museum is hard to find, as its signage gets easily lost among all of the sign madness around it, and the museum is located on the basement floor of a building fairly indistinguishable form those around it. If you can read Korean, however, you're good to go.

Honestly, this was one of the strangest places I've ever been. Reading the link above will tell you more, but the short version is that this "museum" currently houses display areas for artists with a serious cat fetish, as well as a large gallery for "trompe l’oeil" or art to trick the eye - classical flat paintings designed to fool the eye into through emails from time to time and you have a good idea.

I've included a couple of shots for your perusal. The effect is pretty good on many of the paintings, though I have to say that I wonder about the long-term viability of such a place. This looks to be a permanent installation and one wonders if it wouldn't be better suited as a traveling exhibit in a more high profile and established Arts area - among other noted galleries, I mean. The quality is certainly there, and considering how much Koreans love to take photos of themselves, this thing will be popular for a while, but... well, the museum also houses a golden statue of a dude taking a moist bowel movement on the floor right beside the cafe. So there's that to think about.

Glad to have gone, and have some fun photos as a result, but man... that's some weird shit that you don't see in Calgary.


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Very cool place. I must go there.

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