Friday, March 4, 2011

Water, please...

We have no running water at our school. I'm not really sure how the lunch for the entire school population is prepared, or cleaned-up, or how the toilets keep filling-up after flushing - all I know for sure is that none of the sinks in our offices our lunch room have worked since construction began on the new gymnasium.

I'm really not ADD about washing my hands, but after cleaning-up a winter's worth of classroom grime from Wednesday to Friday, it's a necessary thing.

Sadly, my hands have gone back to the usual late Winter/early Spring dryness - where I start looking like an Ent. Such ruggedness requires some care.

Anyway, the bathrooms seem to be working well enough, so a bunch of us have taken to filling-up kettles in the bathroom sinks, keeping the kettles near our office sinks, and using them to rinse our soapy hands with.

Well, yesterday, I made my way to the office sink, grabbed the kettle, and poured it over my left hand. Turns out someone boiled the water first. Why not, right? It was in a kettle after all.

It must have looked pretty funny to see a dude casually walk to the sink, and pour a batch of steaming hot water onto my hand. Hurt like a summamabitch, but the worst part was that there wasn't any cold water to run it under. Thanks to my school nurse for wrapping it up well - the blisters were not substantial.

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