Friday, March 25, 2011

White Rabbits

I haven't been writing a great deal about my Saturday class, but I really want to as I have a lot to say about it. In some ways, it's proving to be a bit more challenging this year than I had anticipated, but I am enjoying it a lot. The students are as interesting as last year and I think we're going to have fun together. They give me a good energy.

Last week, we looked at socialized health care using Tommy Douglas' "Mouseland" allegory as a talking point - how the issue becomes political. It was an engaging class, I thought - and it's not every day that students in Korea get to find out through survey that they are liberal statists - at least some of them did. It was a good discussion.

One of the fun things that came from it was assigning the students to send me an email with an allegorical paragraph describing a real world situation - much like Douglas' story which mixed elements of Aesop and the Globe and Mail of pre-NDP Canada. You never know what you're going to get when you give students a carrot and they go for it.

Fitting then that one of the more effective paragraphs submitted leads nicely into our discussion in tomorrow's Saturday class about body image:

There was a town where rabbits lived. There were hundreds of rabbits and there were all sorts of rabbits, too. The rabbits had white, black, gray, brown, spotted fur, and then some. Every rabbit loved the rabbits with white fur. They looked pure and beautiful. Every rabbit except white rabbits yearned for white hair. So, they made a constant effort to look like more and more white.

They had a bleach bath, got a shave, dyed their fur, and did everything to look more white. Even young rabbits who didn't like washing took a shower everyday because of their parent's bothering. In doing so, the town became "WHITE RABBIT'S TOWN".
Every rabbit made a frantic effort. Some who couldn't become white went so far as to commit suicide.

Some died with noxiousness of bleach and the other died with severe stress. One day, a traveler with black hair passed by the town. White rabbits thought he looked new and different from them. Even though they were like him in the past. So, the white rabbits wanted to go back their past, but too much time had passed and their fur was permanently changed. They regretted their choice.

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