Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2011 NHL Pizza Playoffs

It worked for me last year, so again this year I am running a pizza contest with my grade 3 students. I've been pumping-up the playoffs since last week when the final positioning was being decided. Yesterday, I invited all 11 class leaders to a meeting at lunch where draft order was drawn and teams chosen.

In order to get the students excited about the game, I'd been showing highlights (hits and goals) and then introduced the students to the 16 playoff teams via powerpoint. I thought it would be fun this year to include the Stan Lee created "Guardians" for each of the teams. The Guardian Project as a whole is pretty ill-conceived, but some of the designs can work well as toys and mascots. That's about as far as I hope they take it. Otherwise, they worked well to get my power-ranger/anime loving students all jazzed to choose a team. They were then encouraged to visit to research the teams and convince their class leaders to choose appropriately.

I have 11 grade 3 homeroom classes so each of them chose a team, and the five that were left over were taken by myself and the grade 3 teachers, plus one saved for Mr. Kim - a PE teacher and a friend. I went ahead and chose Detroit first overall - my usual stand-by when the Flames fall or don't make it at all. Go, Wings!

This is the pizza playoffs again, so the class whose team wins the Stanley Cup will also win a pizza party sponsored by your truly. It's really not a big deal. I'm going to go to Pizza School (6,000 won pizzas), not Pizza Hut. Should a teacher win, I will buy him or her a personal pizza, a coffee, a beer... whatever they like. Should I win, I can save myself some money and just bask in the glory of a Wings victory.

In case anyone cares, aside from Detroit, the draft went as follows:

1. Vancouver
2. Washington
3. Philadelphia
4. Montreal
5. Nashville
6. San Jose
7. Boston
8. Los Angeles
9. Pittsburgh
10. Phoenix
11. Chicago
12. Anaheim
13. Tampa Bay
14. New York
15. Buffalo

No big surprises except for maybe Montreal going early. Someone in class 3-6 likes to cheer for the little guy against the big, bad Bruins.

This gives me something to follow daily and it'll be fun to play corresponding game highlights as my students enter the classroom. I'll be updating boards inside and outside of my classroom each day. Even if I can get a small percentage of the kids to care about hockey through this, it'll be worth it. We shall see what kind of sense they can make out of the NHL's English website.

Game on!

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