Monday, April 25, 2011

Ki-yeon's sweet baby cakes

I'll make this short and sweet - just like this sweet babay. This one's for ma and pa who had the pleasure of meeting Ki-yeon on their journey to Korea in the fall of 2009. She gave my parents an expertly guided tour of Seoul's main palace, Gyeongbuk-gung, during which we learned frightening things - such as why live chickens were kept outside the King's bed chambers when he was enjoying the ins and outs of royal life.

Anyway, we had our first visit with Ki-yeon, and her sweet baby, Na-yeong. Babies are all lovely, and this one was no different. She had a lovely countenance about her though, and I'm pretty sure she's smarter than she looks.

We were also happy to get Ki-yeon out of the house for a dinner with friends - something she'd been missing of late. Anyway, mom and dad, she asked about you and she misses you both. I don't think she'll ever forget our day of Ddeok-bokki with awkwardly strewn gas hoses and toilet paper at the table.

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