Monday, April 25, 2011

Listen Carefully

"Alas... ear wax!" - Albus Dumbledore

We all have it, but I had a nasty little ball rolling around in my head for the last couple of weeks. It felt like my marble was loose, and it was. Yesterday, I swung-by a nearby clinic and, in a two minute span, I was lead into a large room where a doctor and two nurses sat me back in a chair, stuck a tiny camera into my head and projected a monster onto a monitor for all to see. Fear not, dear reader - the above image is not of my ear - it's a google image search revealing a person with more ear canal problems than I ever hope to have.

What came out of my ear was actually really small and kind of underwhelming, though I could have used it to take an eye out with the aid of a CO2 cannister.

Anyway, I was inspired to finally go to a clinic as last week I had been showing ear wax removal videos to my grade 3 students as they come into class. These things are at once horrific and fascinating. Tiny cameras should really never go near the human body - at least what they find should rarely be posted on youtube. But in an attempt to get my students to listen carefully during our speaking test review class, I wrote the words "Listen Carefully" on the white board, and had this playing as students entered the room. Tell me it doesn't, at first glance, look at least partially like a live birth.

Most were rightfully revolted by the whole thing, but once they realized what it was, the majority of students were hooked. During the 4 and a half minute video, some classes sat back and watched with morbid fascination, while others cheered and then moaned with disappointment when the massive mound was partially removed and then released back into the cavity. When it finally all came out, some students honestly applauded.

Mission accomplished.


Douglas said...

i'm glad i saw this during breakfast

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

I'm glad, too.