Friday, April 22, 2011

Off to Daejeon in the AM

I know very little about Daejeon. Apparently, it's the country's 6th largest city (about 1.4 million) and it's commonly referred to as the Silicon Valley of Korea, which means very little to me as I'm not an electrical engineer.

Anyways, the rabbit and I are hopping on a bus in the early morning to visit her older sister and family who happen to reside in Daejeon. I'm quite looking forward to a trip out of the city, and I'm always happy to hang-out with the rabbit's sweet little nieces, who usually take quite a shining to me. Makes me feel all welcome in the family and stuff.

I found out this afternoon that we will all be attending some kind of afternoon concert. I'm kind of hoping for a bit of this.

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Anonymous said...

Trot music! That's it! That's what I've been searching for. Man, I thought that stuff was doomed to die with the older generation's taxi cabs. I'm glad to hear it's making a comeback, but at the same time, there goes my hope of being the one to make it 'cool' again.