Saturday, April 30, 2011

Soccer in the Rain

I met-up today with an old friend (Andy) and some of his new friends to check out an FC Seoul / Jeju United rematch of the K-League championship final from last season. Good that one of Andy's friends is a dead-ringer for a young Mark Hamill (see photo below).

Sadly, for Jeju fans, the game ended in another 2-1 score favouring Seoul FC. Boooo! I'm not really invested in K-League soccer, but this has been my 4th game - two in Suwon and one now two in Seoul. I have yet to attend a game where my team wins... unless I was too goofy on Hite-uh to remember a Suwon victory. I cheer for Suwon Bluewings and now Jeju United - the former being the representatives from my first Korean home, and the latter being brave enough to have fluorescent orange as their main colour, and zany enough to have Jeju oranges as mascots. I also think they were robbed of a championship last year - so they also have my pity.

That's as far as I think I'm going to go with my K-League soccer fandemonium, though I do enjoy going to the games.

Due to the rain, the stadium was nearly empty, and I can't say it was the most thrilling match I'd ever seen. I was glad though to have a chance to meet some good new people, who really should attend another game in the future. To see what a K-League match with a decent atmosphere looks like, check out the highlights of last year's final.

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