Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stealth fighters in Gangnam

When you share a bed with someone, you remember your dreams more often. It's just that someone is there to be woken up when you are twitching and breathing strangely in your sleep. It seems to be the process of waking up that sweeps-aside the insanity along with the sleepies , and most dreams are forgotten or supressed as your waking mind begins to make room for reality to seep-in..

Anyway, apparently I was one twitchy summumabitch last night. I had two main dreams which were only somewhat linked. Basic outlines follow...

1) I am standing in Gangnam, but in my dream, the hilly side of the street near the Gangnam CGV theatre is just a grassy hill with no buildings. I'm watching a series of advanced fighter jets, some new kind of stealth fighter among them, taxi and then take-off from an empty Gangnam street right in front of exit 6. The overall sense was that the country was preparing for war, and it overwhelmed me with sadness in the dream.

2) I was in a fairly large older farm house in winter - it felt like a modified street in Cedarbrae back in Calgary - the kind with the grass alleyways between the backyard fences. There was a girl who belonged in the house, but was in the hospital, dying of radiation poisoning from the ongoing Japan reactor incident. Her brother, a young blond boy, maybe 3 or 4, had also begun to succumb to the effects of the leaking reactor. Friends of the girl were coming into the house to comfort the parents and offer food. I was told that I shouldn't mention the dog's whereabouts to the boy, who was waking up. The dog - a yellow lab which had also succumbed to the radiation - had to be put down. The girl's friends told me that the dog's tongue had expanded to such a large size that the animal could no longer breathe. I remember seeing pictures of the dog when he was healthy, but then even the framed pictures were starting to morph into ones showing the dog after the effects of the radition.

Anyway, effed-up dreams. Didn't sleep so well. Had to get that off my chest.

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