Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stevie Y from on High

Just a quick thank you to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Having Steve Yzerman as your GM helps to speed the forgiveness for breaking Calgary hearts back in the '04 cup run. I don't mind seeing the Crosbow-less and Gino-less Penguins knocked-out in the first round. I wouldn't want to see just how badly destroyed they would be by the Caps in round two.

Also, according to the 2011 NHL Pizza Playoffs at my middle school, Tampa Bay's game seven win represents my best chance in the East for saving some coin on the Stanley Cup pizza prize. My Wings and Mr. Kim's Bolts are the the only two non-student teams remaining. It's an unlikely final match-up, but I would love to be in the position to buy either Mr. Kim or myself a nice cheese pizza as opposed to 6 pizzas for a group of starving students.

Anyway, for now - go, Preds!

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