Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yeuido Blossoms

Checking out the Yeuido Cherry Blossom festival is something I don't think I'll ever tire of - if only because it's the only time I can think of outside of FIFA World CUP South Korea game days when ridiculous amount of Koreans can crowd into a barely moving mass and be nearly 100% pleasant to each other - nary an elbow thrown.

There are far more peaceful places to visit during the blooming season, and for many this means going south a couple of weeks prior to bloom time in Seoul. If you're sticking around the capital though, Yeuido is fun just for the madness of it all. As one Korean behind the rabbit and I remarked: "There are more people here than there are blossoms!" This was, however, the best blossom day I can remember - blue skies, and blossoms in full bloom - usually the festival kicks-off with the flowers still hidden away in their buds. Today though was perfect. It's a way to celebrate the new season, and everybody's busy enjoying the warm weather and flowers. How could you not be all smiley and giddy? At this time of year, Seoul is all twitter-pated and stuff.

All in all, a good day - rode from The National Museum to the rabbit house where I joined her and her mom for lunch, then over the the festival by the National Assembly, beer, original chips and rummikub in Yeuido Park, and a puppy meet and greet with Johnny and friends down by the 63 building.

And what would a day be without using one of the rabbit's coupons? Last summer, three "Cafe Aritaum"s were installed on two bridges spanning the Han. They are small, and only accessible by odd-pod space elevators, but they are worth getting to. The food is delicious (all organic desserts - we sampled carrot cake, tirimasu, and blueberry yogurt) along with the lattes.

Hell, man - those coupons are opening up a whole new world of restaurants and cafes that we could never afford otherwise. Thank you, rabbit - and your skillful web-surfing ways.

It was also nice to run into a Brompton family at the cafe. Just as bus drivers acknowledge each other with a salute as they pass on the road, Brompton riders do the same on the bike paths of Seoul. It was good to be able to introduce my baby blue to some friends outside the cafe. They got acquainted while the rabbit and I dined.

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