Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Dragon's Revenge

Mr. Choi, one of our most beloved teachers at our school, left this past winter vacation for a new school closer to his home. He is dearly missed and I hope to be getting together with him and his family soon.

I did have a chance however to meet-up with him briefly as he new school's soccer team played against ours at a nearby sports center.

As was the case at our school, Mr. Choi is a soccer coach extraordinaire. His team was able to squeak-by one more goal than ours as they won the game 3-2, but not without a valiant effort from one of my favourite students, who was promptly rewarded with a lolipop in class the next day for coming out of the corner against three defenders and bending a beautiful cross into the high far corner of the net.

It was great to catch-up with Mr. Choi, and a little bit emotional as he brought his old team together for one more cheer after the game.

I also met Doraemon on the way to the game. He was whoring himself out for a local SK Telecom Cell Phone store. I took the photo, he wanted me to come into the store. I showed him that I already had a phone. He seemed dismayed at the fact that my phone was a lowly 2nd generation Samsung from 5 years ago. He wanted me to buy a new smart phone. I declined. He was sad.

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