Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fine Tea & Fine Art

Golly, Bob Howdy! The rabbit and I marked a special day last week by heading to Insadong for a coupon dinner and tea at one of our favourite cafes, The Kyung-in Museum of Fine Arts.

The cafe portion of the museum is quite secluded as compared to most of the other people-watching venues on Insadong's main street, and it's probably your best bet for a calm and quiet tea on a busy weekend or week night. The courtyard is quite spacious and you have your choice of sitting at a patio table, or inside a number of traditional Hanok-style seating areas that have been restored to a create a very appealing atmosphere.

At a craft shop nearby, I was also able to find a zany print for the rabbit's music room. Giraffes and pianos, they mean something to us.

If you've never been, believe me when I say that it's a great get-away from the usually crowded cafes along the main street in Insadong. And bring Rummikub - the tiles sound wonderful on the antique wooden tables.

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