Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From the Land of Chocolate!

I had meant to post about this right after I received it, but something fishy was going on with blogger the past two days and I wasn't able to sign-in. Yeesh!

Anyway, a delicious surprise arrived on my desk on Tuesday afternoon - a sweet little package of German goodness from my displaced officetel pal, Douglas. I could smell the treatishness eminating from the box - with good reason: the lid of the chocolate spread was a wee bit smashed, but thankfully only a tiny bit of cocolatey goodness escaped in the transit - thank you, wax paper seal!

There was all sorts of goodness in there, including two boxes of tea (one being an energy tea which I can surely get some use out of over the next few months), the aforementioned chocolate spread, a very liquidy peanut butter that I'm curious to try out, some vitamin C soothers that appear to contain "forest honey" and sage, and a bag of delicious strawberry gummy candy that makes all other non-German gummy candies melt into a pool of their own inferiority.

And all topped-off with a classically irreverent postcard featuring Jesus and floating winged baby heads.

Thanks for the treats, my friend. They will be enjoyed in small, but savoured doses.

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