Sunday, May 29, 2011

A good Saturday to work

The days are fewer and further between than I would like them to be, but there are some days when I love my job.

This past Saturday, I woke-up at 7, had a quick breakfast, was on the bike by 7:45 and I rode the cheon behind my apartment down and across the Han River, and East to Olympic Park - just under a two hour journey - where I met my Saturday students and teachers for a sculpture art critiquing field trip.

I've blogged extensively about this before, and the day went pretty much as expected. I honestly can't get enough of Olympic Park - still one of my favourite places in Seoul.

With all of the frustrations that come with my regualr job at times, giving-up my Saturdays more often than not makes up for the collective majority of shabbiness from my Mon-Fri class experiences. It may seem odd to solve the problems of too much teaching with more teaching, but it's working for me for now, so I stick with it.

Honestly, when these are the things I get to see on a morning commute and a day with students who are motivated, creative, and who want to be there, I'm a pretty happy camper. I also had a chance to put just over 96 kilometers on my bike through the day.

So, thanks to the kids and the teachers for making it a worthwhile trip, and thanks to a special lady for meeting me for an evening picnic afterward. Thumbs-up to you all.


Rock Steady said...

Olympic Park looks beautiful. Can you believe that I've never been? What the heck did I do with that whole year in Korea?

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

It is such a great place - especially with a wee bike. I can think of few better places for Korean picnic. We'll go the next time you visit :)