Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Hey! There's three frickin' Transformers, here!"

Had another dream last night...

I'm back home and witnessing some odd theatre collaboration between a bunch of people I used to work with back in Calgary. It's kind of like a fringe festival, with a lot of shows being workshopped and presented at the same time.

The details get foggy here, and most would require too much background information to be bothered, but the dream culminates in me being asked to sit-in on a dress-rehearsal with a decent sized audience in attendance. My friend, Greg, is playing one of the lead roles, and in the show, the 4th wall is broken by having actors ask audience members to come-up and select and put on a T-shirt or hooded sweater from a pile and then somehow join in the show.

I'm called-up first, but as I look at this fold-out table of folded sweaters, none of them look like they will fit me - the sleeves just aren't long enough. I'm taking far too much time - unfolding sweater after sweater, and then starting to check the labels for the right size, when I notice that all of these clothes look like they were taken off the rack in Myeong-dong: unliscenced hoddies with Starbucks logos and Bathing Ape Milos and the like. Some are even soiled by Korean street food stains.

Greg is getting nervous because I'm clearly taking to long and halting the show's progress. I then come across a bunch of sweaters that are almost completely covered with massive 70s-style iron-on graphics of Transformers.

Surely this can't be what they want me to wear, so I start rifling through the rest of the pile making a giant mess of things. This is when a trio of kids in full-body Transformer costumes start making their way toward the stage. Greg whispers at me to "hurry-up and choose one", and I stand there like an idiot, holding a handful of too-small sweaters, and say, in a John Stewart does Brooklyn accent style, "Hey, There's three frickin' Transformers here!"

Interpretations welcome.


Tuttle said...

"Interpretations welcome"? Okay, you are gay.

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