Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm on a boat!

Man, I really need to stop eating before I go to bed.

Shabby dream last night, and it was honestly a dream within a dream - I'm standing on a boat, leaning against a rail with the rabbit to my right. I can hear a tapping sound to my left - metal on metal, and knowing that there is a guy standing beside me on my left, I turn and see that he's holding a revolver and tapping the muzzle against the steel railing.

I turn to the rabbit and whisper that we need to go. The tapping stops, I turn to my left, and the guy is holding the gun to his own head, but staring at me with an expression of fearful dispair. I don't remember his face being scary at all, but it was his sadness that scared me.

I wake up from this dream and must have been in another dream because I am then sitting and talking to my friend, Janos (who is back in Calgary), and telling him how horrible this dream about the gun was. I'm really upset while I'm talking to him, and then for some reason I start running.

So this is where the rabbit wakes me up and my legs are twitching back and forth at a rapid speed with my feet slapping each other - like a dreaming dog.


Of all the dreams I've remembered through the years, the ones that affect me the most at the time of dreaming are the ones where negative emotions are exhibited and are palpable: sadness and disappointment being the worst.

Don't feed me after midnight.

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