Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In yo' face!

My mom's not going to like this post.

I've been back on the bike for some time now - taking it to school whenever weather allows. It takes anywhere between 12-15 minutes depending on lights, and it's a good way to start the day as I cruise down the uncrowded back-streets and watch my Korean neighbours begin their day.

All is peaceful and bright until I stop at the intersection near Chang-dong station - where 8 lanes intersect with 4 running perpendicular. I didn't bother taking a picture, so you can settle for this cartoon interpretation for now. Red is North.

I'm waiting this morning with a group of Elementary school children on the curb between the read and purple car, waiting for the light to turn green so that I can cross the purple car's path, which actually represents an 8 lane road. The light turns green, kids start to toddle across the road, and a car on the outside lane, driven by an apparent ass-clown, decides to keep going so that he can turn right (North) without stopping to let us cross. Kids screamed and jumped-back and all I could do was yell "HEY!" or something equally inneffective as the car turned through his red light and our green without stopping or even slowing.

Before he was out of reach though, I spat fully on his passenger side window.

I hate when people spit, but considering how inconsiderate the guy beehind the wheel was, I'm pretty sure that this is the same kind of piggish jack-ass that feels it's okay to hork-up massive alien-fetus loogies and drop them wherever he's walking or standing. In Korea, I've seen this happen on the subway - not the subway platorm, though it happens more there... but on the actual subway.

The best part was that there's been a fair amount of yellow dust in the air these past few days, so I had some nice build-up myself - BAM! Direct from China's factories, across the Gobi dessert, in through my nostrils, through my lymphatic system, and onto his passenger window.

The guy nearly killed a group of toddlers, and I'm not exaggerating this point. The selfishness I see on display from some drivers here is astounding. It's a school zone for eff's sake - complete with volunteer crossing guards in nean-coloured vests. None of that seemed to matter to this guy.

Anyway, I know that my response wasn't the best one, but this stuff just pisses me off.

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