Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Karsh in Seoul

I first saw Yousef Karsh's work at the Calgary Stampede of all places - in a special exhibit in the round-up centre. I was about 17 or so. Impressive stuff - even at that age, and I remember being somewhat proud that a Canadian photographer was not able to take such memorable photographs of so many famous people, but that he had been sought-out by them in an attempt to be further immortalized.

The rabbit and I stopped-by the Sejoeng Centre for the Performing Arts on our way to the Ennio Morricone Concert on Tuesday to check out the current Karsh photo exhibit.

If you've never seen his photos in person, it's highly advisable that you do. The exhibition only runs until the 22nd of this month and tickets are only 8,000 won. Even if you've never heard of Karsh, you have surely seen at least a handful of his photos - images of Hemmingly, Churchhill, and Audrey Hepburn being among the most famous and iconic. In fact, I can't remember an image of Hemmingly that isn't at least somewhat coloured by Karsh's famous portrait.

The Churchill portrait is fanstastic, but my favourites on display would be those of Peter Lorre and Princess Grace Kelly. I can just imagine her about to slip into something more comfortable as James Stewart dims the lights and reaches for those binoculars one more time.

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