Sunday, May 29, 2011


Lately, I've been letting some classic Mickey cartoons play in the classroom as students enter before the bell rings. "Clock Cleaners" & "Mickey's Trailer" were first-up, and today we are showing "Boat Builders".

These be OLD Mickey shorts - the ones when Mickey had just the black eyes sans pupils. I suppose that should be more anatomically correct.

Anyway, today while we were waiting for more of a grade 3 class to arrive, the opening titles began for the latest cartoon when Sam, one of my more talkative grade 3 students piped-up and in an excited voice said "Oh! Teacher - Hitler music?"


I corrected him, but soon realized that he was pretty on-point. "Boat Builders" came out in 1938 and that was roughly the time when Adolf was doing his best to cozy up to Georg von Trapp and his brood. Orchestral fanfare from both sides of the pond had enough in common, I suppose.

Anyway, why is my student getting all excited for recignizing "Hitler music"? Such things disturb me for a time.

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Alex said...

I seem to remember something about how there was some controversy regarding Walt Disney and Adolf Hitler. I know that Henry Ford was a fan - their similar thoughts regarding eugenics earned him that fated place as a religious figure in Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World."

And I'm glad my real name isn't attached to this post because it sounds like some New Yorker-wanna-be-columnist wrote it from his empty desk in South Dakota.