Monday, May 2, 2011

Mondays at 8:00PM

For most of my time in Korea, I never turned on my TV. This past year though, starting with an early morning Gold medal hockey game back in February, it's been on with some regularity - not frequently, but I at least now know where the on/off switch is.

I have taken to watching the odd Korean drama or variety show with the rabbit while we prepare Sunday night dinners or experiment with baking various goodies in the mini-oven. I'm all domestic and stuff. But for the most part, watching TV with a purpose hasn't happened for a while. I actually haven't watched a show with any degree of consistency since the 3rd season of The West Wing, but here in Korea, when 8:00 on a Monday evening rolls-around, I have developed a sick addiction for, of all things, Celebrity Apprentice.

I'm not one for reality shows. I did watch most of Survivor: Australia back in the day, and if there's a train wreck audition on American idol, I wait a bit before changing the channel, but as a rule, most reality shows represent the dregs of the modern-day programming brew.

I have to say though, Celebrity Apprentice is the worst and most entertaining show on TV right now. It's been made even more absurd by the recent publicity of the Donald's supposed imminent announcement that he'll be running as a G.O.P. candidate in 2012. My goodness, that will be good for Obama.

Anyway, with most of the crazies now gone, the anarchy just leveled-off and it may not be as much fun from here on out. Here's to the good times which were mostly centered around Gary Busey and Meatloaf. Yet, I still can't turn-away. It's like needing to finish off those last few morsels in a 30oz bag of Cheetos.

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